Friday, March 03, 2006

Hyping up Wang...

The Yanks continue to lavish praise on Wang, citing his potential to be a #2 starter behind Randy Johnson. Wang, who recently agreed to a one year deal worth close to $400,000, is scheduled to be the #3 starter for the series opener vs. the Oakland A's.

In relations to the WBC, having Wang on the team might not have made a huge difference for the Taiwanese NT. With the strict pitch limit, Wang at most, might have been able to pitch 4 innings vs. South Korea. For the next WBC, this is one rule change that must be made. You can't have a true international baseball tournament with a pitching limitation restriction. In regards to Taiwan's future, if Wang, Tsao, and Kuo all can stay healthy, and with the development of a few new arms, the potential for greatness is there.

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Anonymous said...

Lol, 18-2... so much for jim street's predictions