Friday, March 10, 2006

Preseason news....

Kuo pitched a perfect 1.1 innings against the Detroit Tigers today. He K'd 2 in his outing.

Yesterday, Lin went 1-3 for the Tigers vs. the Fukuoka Hawks in the NPB. Lin singled and scored a run in the 2nd inning. Interestingly enough, the Tigers have been experimenting with Lin by playing him at first base. Lin has not played that position since grade school.

Chih-Chia Chang, recovering from a previous injury, has lost a few miles off his fastball. Chang, who used to throw in the low 90's to high 80's, has only been clocked at a high of 85 mph this spring.


J said...

Someone just posted a rumor over at my site that Chia-an Huang and his older brother have gone missing and didn't show up at the airport today, possibly because they've spent their signing bonuses and are in debt. Have you heard anything about this?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Yea that is the news out of Taiwan.
The truth is, Ted Heid probably should have done a better background check on Huang.
Huang comes from a broken home - divorced parents, disabled father, living on government assistance. When Huang was signed to that fat signing bonus, rumors swirled around that Huang had blown 100 K in one month!
No one really knows where Huang or his brother are, but speculation is that Huang has conveniently disappeared because of his financial problems.
I hope there is a happy ending to this story, but I guess we'll have to take a wait and see approach, since no one knows the whole truth at this time.