Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Role of the underdog....

Well, upon seeing both national teams compete against his Lotte ball club, Bobby Valentine feels that the South Korean NT has the upper hand. The SK NT defeated the Lotte Marines 7-2, pretty much after the same Lotte team had defeated the Taiwanese NT 6-3. Despite the games only being exhibition matches, the SK NT demonstrated that it has superior pitching depth as well as ample power compared to what Taiwan is able to throw out on the field.

Assuming a win vs. mainland China and a loss to the Japanese NT, the game vs SK is of the upmost importance to Taiwan advancing to the next round. With tomorrow's key game upon us, Taiwan will definitely be in the role of a huge underdog against a very good SK team. However, the way the WBC is set up, you only need to be good enough or lucky enough to win on any given day. With that said, don't rule out Taiwan's chances of making it to the next round.

I'll be watching the game via tape delay, so for those of you watching the game live, feel free to keep us updated as to how our boys do.
Till then, JIA YO!

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maos said...

En-Yu Lin will start against Korea tomorrow.