Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Game Day Recaps...

In the US:
Hu got the night off for Jacksonville.

Chen had another hitless evening: 0-4 on the night. Box

Over in Japan, Wei-Chu Lin was demoted to Hanshin's minor league team. Might be better for him, because he wasn't getting many AB's (24 in 25 games played) with the parent team.


maos said...

Hey dude. 2 japanese teams, have expressed interest in signing lin en yu.

personally i find NPB teams very annoying because they use what the japanese deem as 'lesser' organisations as their secondary minor league.

so basically what they (Rakuten) are trying to do with Lin right now is to keep adding publicity and try their best at getting Lin to quit playing for the cobras, preferably during his CPBL season.

i find this kind of gay because at this rate of talent drain, the CPBL will probably just die because it loses more and more of its selling poitns every year to some japanese team that wants to make their rosters look better.

Oh, and my dad's friend at the CTBA miraculously got me a Saduharu Oh autographed baseball. :D:D

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Nice pickup on the Oh signed memorabilia!! Sweetness!!

As for the Lin news, I expected him to jump ship, just not during this season!

I agree with you 100%; the talent drain out of the country does hurt the domestic league and the fans who support the CPBL. It's nice to see star players like Chen return home to Taiwan and give the league a lift.