Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bears Sweep!

SERIES MVP: Chin-Feng Chen
(.385 BA, 1 HR, 3 RBI's, 2 SB's)

As BigD and Maos alluded to earlier, the LA New Bears claimed the CPBL crown by sweeping the President Lions on Wednesday. Although the final score was 7-3, the game was kept close thanks to a solid start from Lions star Wei-Lun Pan. Pan, who pitched into the 6th inning, found himself with a 3-0 lead heading into the 5th inning. The Bears would then start to chip away at the lead by scoring a run in the 5th before Chin-Feng Chen's 2 run bomb in the 6th inning would tie things up and ultimately knock Pan out of the game. The Bears would then go on to wrap up the series by putting up 4 runs in the top of the 9th inning for the final score.
Notable Game Stats:
Wei-Lun Pan 5.2IP 7H/3ER 4K's/1BB
Chin-Feng Chen 1-4 1HR 2RBI's
Chih-Sheng Lin 2-5 1R scored
Next up for the Bears - the Konami Cup - pitting the pro championship teams from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and an all-star team from China against one another. The K-Cup will take place in November, from the 9th to the 12th - coinciding with the Intercontinental Cup which will occur on Nov. 9th thru the 19th. I'm sure some roster adjustments will have to be made for the I-Cup as 5 NT members will be representing the Bears. Even though the NPB and KBO champs will be favored to repeat last year's 1-2 standing, you have to like the Bears chances this year. C.F. Chen is the great equalizer for the Bears - make a mistake and he'll make you pay - he also has a great track record against some of the better professional pitchers in the NPB and KBO.
In previewing possible opponents for the Bears, here's a brief rundown on the possible representatives from the KBO (Samsung up 2-1 in the series) and NPB (Fighters up 3-1 in the series).

Hu was 0-3 as Mesa lost 7-5 today. Box


maos said...

unfortunately, just a day after they won the taiwan series, La New announced that they have run into financial problems and will be selling their team.

bigdaub said...

they can't afford chen's salary!

anyone interested in forming a pool to buy the club?

Anonymous said...

The Taiwanese 1997/2003 Florida Marlins style...

maos said...

it wasnt because of chen alone. basically attendence was very low this year.

They barely made half of what was required to break even.

CPBL and LaNew will probably be over soon unless they can win the konami cup and if CT can win the international contests at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to the players then? The elite heads to Japan/Korea/US, while 90% of them faces a new career?

maos said...

well it might actually work out if we lose only macoto next year.

what might happen is, the old macoto players will sign contracts with the remaining cpbl teams. this way every team will have enough players to form a 'minor league' team which will elevate the level of play in taiwan.

but there's the worst case scenario where:

1) No large-scale company buys Macoto Cobras or La New Bears

2) Chinatrust is forced to give up the whales (they're having some sort of predicament with company management right now.)

then the cpbl will have only 3 teams left, meaning they will play in the amateur league or something. i dunno

Anonymous said...

Which was worse?

The CPBL back in 1996 when gambling scandal first being discovered, or now, where 3 of 6 teams don't have the money for next season.