Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SI appearance for Wang.....

In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated (10/9/06), there's a nice little interview on Wang, here it is - for your viewing pleasure:As for Kuo who will start tomorrow night against the Mets:
On ESPN tonight, Eric Byrnes - OF for the Arizona Diamonbacks was a guest anchor along with Vernon Wells. Eric had a lot of high praise for Kuo saying, "I won't lose any sleep if I never face that guy again.....He is probably the last lefthander in the game that I'd want to face right now...He throws a hard mid 90's fastball - he cuts it inside, every now and then he'll keep you honest and will 2 seam it away, (he has) a big looping curveball.....this guy has got some of the best stuff I've ever seen."

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian went on to say that in a conversation with one time Mariner/Yankee Tino Martinez, Tino was so impressed by Kuo's last start against the Mets that he was quoted saying, "How is anybody gonna swing against this guy. I'd put him in the rotation right now for the post season." Someone in the Dodgers organization must've been listening to Tino.

Hopefully Kuo can help even things up for the Dodgers tomorrow night after today's close loss. The fact that Kuo is still pitching today is a testament to Dan Evans.

Hanshin won 4-2. Lin made an appearance in the game but had no stats.


Anonymous said...

Haha, i liked his response, especially on the 3rd Q&A on how he started to play baseball.

Anonymous said...

Well, on pure talent, I don't think there is any doubt Kuo is better than Wang. But Kuo blew his arm and that is something the Dodgers will always have to keep in mind.

As for Wang, even Wang's coach in Tainan said he has coached better players. Wang isn't really that special until he develped that sinker. Sure, he has a fastball with good velocity but it doesn't have movement like Kuo has.

Wang still needs an out pitch and I think Yankee knows that and will help to develop one.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Wang is great but an out pitch would only make him even better. Preferably an off speed pitch. This will make his 4 seam fastball and sinker even more effective. As for Kuo, Lets hope he gets a win tonight!

Anonymous said...

LET'S GO KUO!!!!!!!!!

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I think that we all agree that prior to all of the injuries happening, Kuo and Tsao were both phenomenal talents - once in a generation type players. Wang was good, but I don't think many of us projected his ceiling to be as high of that of Kuo and Tsao. It's ironic that Wang is now the most successful of the three. Hopefully Tsao can make a full recovery and both Kuo and Wang can stay healthy.