Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More on Lin....Hu not good enough??

Taipei Time's announcement of Lin's signing.

Hu DNP today, but Baseball America has a little piece on Hu's struggles in the AFL - not only at the plate but surprisingly in the field as well.

"He tries to do too much," a scout from an NL club said. "He has first-step quickness, he has some explosiveness defensively, but he's not fundamentally sound. He's not the guy you want the ball hit to when it means something. Ivan DeJesus(Dodgers 2005 second-round pick) is such a much better prospect for them at that position."

Wow, those are some harsh words on Hu - something you wouldn't expect given Hu's reputation as a defensive whiz. I question the scout's take when he states that Hu is not fundamentally sound. Fundamentals are the name of the game when it comes to amateur baseball in Taiwan.
"He's not the guy you want the ball hit to when it means something." - Hu committed the fewest errors this past season in all of AA at the SS position (considering only an everyday player who played a full season). In 125 game appearances in the Southern League, he committed only 11 errors. Also, despite hitting only .254 this past year, Hu was recognized as a Southern League All-Star - so obviously his glove got him that recognition.


maos said...

In the LaNew beat CT 4:3 in the warmup game tonight.

the game was actually held back half an hour when they found that the a whole row of lights were stolen from the stadium.

in other news, i have a physics test tomorrow. oh no!

Anonymous said...

sigh......people WOULD steal a row of lights from a baseball stadium in taiwan...

btw, does either Hu or Chen have any chance of getting called to the majors in 2007?

Anonymous said...

so, our nt lost to lanew... i really hope we win the konami cup- the CPBL really needs this win. Anyway, i think that scouts a little crazy in the head!

maos said...

actually CT had a 3 nothing lead up until the 9th inning when they brought lin yue ping up. Even though he throws hard, he's been having trouble with his control since the taiwan series.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the updates bro, much appreciated!

2.5 said...

What's Hu's range?