Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Possible Starting Lineup for Tomorrow....

Taiwan's starting lineup for tomorrow might look something like this per reports out of Taiwan:

1)Ching-Lung Hu - SS
2)Chien-Ming Chang - RF
3)Yung-Chi Chen - 2B
4)Chin-Feng Chen - DH
5)Chih-Sheng Lin - 1B
6)Wei-Chu Lin - LF
7)Feng-Min Chen - C
8)Chia-Hsien Hsieh - CF
9)Chih-Wei Shih - 3B - with Tai-Shan Chang coming off the bench

The expected starting pitcher for Taiwan will be Hong-Chih Kuo, with Chien-Ming Chiang and Sung-Wei Tseng available as relievers.

The Korea Times is reporting that South Korea will be using a similar philosophy with it's pitchers - utilizing it's top pitchers in the KBO against the Taiwanese lineup. I got 2 problems with the story written by the K-Times: 1)Rin In-Che or Ying-Chieh Lin as we know him is NOT on the NT 2)The writer, who stated that Kuo was not impressive this past year, probably based his assumption on stats only and must not have watched Kuo's gems against the NY Mets and Arizona DiamondBacks in September.


Anonymous said...

whaha Rin In-Che? that's a good one

Anonymous said...

Double the post, double the fun?

Anonymous said...

wow, china only beat thailand 4-1. I thought that China was getting pretty decent as baseball since they managed to beat Korea once but i guess not. Do you know hows chin hui tsao is doing? is Tsao's arm good enough to stay on the Rockies roster?

Anonymous said...

Taiwan winning top of the 4th 2 -0 CF chen hit a double and YC chen hit a HR!