Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Chien-Ming Wang returned home to Taiwan today. He was mobbed by the media and fans upon his arrival in Tainan. Wang is expected to stay in Taiwan for the next 2 months before reporting back to the US in January.

As for news regarding Tsao's recovery, is reporting that Tsao is currently in Taiwan right now, but will be returning to the US Nov. 15th to see how his arm is coming along. The Rockies will probably make their decision after that time period to see if Tsao will still remain on the 40 man roster.


Anonymous said...

hey does anyone have a link to the commercial wang is in together with tiger woods, kobe bryant, ronaldinho?

maos said...

La New crushed the China Stars 12-2 today.

Chen chin feng hit a grandslam and a 2 run shot.
Chen feng min hit a 3 run homer.

maos said...

ugh the NT got completely owned by the italian team tonight. right now it's at 9-2.

oh wait yung chi chen just hit a 3base hit.

anyways i blame it all on a bad pitching staff and the managing staff. Pan wei lun was doing alright. :\

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the updates man. Dude, it is very possible that our only guaranteed win might be against the RP. We needed that win badly!