Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Preparing for the Asian Games....

Lin - #3 or #5 in the Lineup?

Mr. Cleanup - CFC

After some confusion, it appears that Chin-Feng Chen will participate in the Asian Games. The team representing Taiwan will be much stronger (at least on paper it looks that way) than the team that just competed in the Intercontinental Cup. C.F. Chen will be surrounded by US minor leaguers Y.C. Chen who tore the cover off the ball during the I-Cup and C.L. Hu. Throw in NPB pinch hitter extaordinaire W.C. Lin and you have a better hitting lineup than the team that represented Taiwan during the WBC. With Si-Yo Wu pulling out of the Asian Games due to injury, amateur pitcher Chen-Chang Lee will take his roster spot.

As for Taiwan's opponents, South Korea will pose the biggest threat as it will send some of it's top KBO players to Qatar. Japan is expected to field an amateur team at the Asian Games - but will be dangerous nonetheless.
With that said, Taiwan will look to either H.C. Kuo or C.M. Chiang to pitch against South Korea in the opening game for Taiwan.

#2 Starter - Chiang

Ace - Kuo
Other News

Ching-Lung Lo won his 4th game yesterday in the HWB. Lo pitched 6 innings, giving up 1 run (via a solo HR) on 4 hits. Although he K'd 6 hitters, he also put 4 men on base via the freepass. Box Score


Anonymous said...

our nt is sounding pretty good... How come Wang doesnt pitch for our NT? Any news on Tsao's arm?

maos said...

more news...

Chen Chin feng and Wu si yo are both probably going to the NPB next year.

Chen with orix and wu with the marines

maos said...

whoa whoa whoa. more news!!!

Chen has turned down the offer to play in japan! He's decided to stay in taiwan to play for la new for another season, after he has discovered a 'different' kind of baseball here.

i hope wu follows suit. i dont want to keep seeing talent draining out of the cpbl.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why, but i'd feel beter with chiang facing off against the koreans instead of kuo.

chinocoug said...

The best way to upgrade talent in the CPBL is to allow more foreign players. We should lift the quota to at least 5 per team.

I know we need to develop local talent, but what better way to do so than to expose our youngsters to a higher level of competition? Trade protectionism makes one lazy.

I think that this would also boost ticket sales.

I'd say definitely no Tsao pitching. Save Tsao and Wang for the WBC in 2009.

rahulv said...

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maos said...

lol i got to shake hands and take a picture with wang today. :D

Anonymous said...

You paid $500 USD for it?

maos said...

nope i was at this stair climbing event that was being held this morning.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

With Wang's past history of injuries and commitment to the Yanks, I can't see Wang pitching for the NT unless he gets the green light for the 2008 Olympics or the next WBC.

Maos, I heard that the money wasn't good enough for Chen to jump ship to Taiwan. Maybe another dominant year in the CPBL will give Chen that leverage next year. BTW, congrats on meeting Wang!