Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Game Recaps and News.......

Monday Results in the MLB:
*Chin-Hui Tsao pitched to one batter on Monday, recording an out as the Mets beat the Dodgers 6-5. Box/Recap

*Yung-Chi Chen was 0-1 with a K as the Mariners lost to the Rangers 10-6. Box/Recap

Tuesday Results/News:
*Chin-Hui Tsao pitched on back-to-back nights, this time throwing one scoreless inning as the Dodgers lost to the Cardinals 3-0. Box

*Y.C. Chen was 0-2 as the Mariners lost to the Giants 9-8. Box

*CPBL:Elephants*(edited) OF Chih-Yuan Chen will undergo surgery on his left shoulder here in the US and will probably miss the remainder of this season. Chen has been a shell of the former player who was one of the top cats in the CPBL not too long ago. Last year, Chen hit only .253. Chen was shutdown this season after appearing in only one game in which he was hitless in 4 AB's.

*MLB:News on Po-Yu Lin from - Doesn't sound encouraging:
A puzzle

The Sox are baffled that pitcher Po-Yu Lin, 20, who received a reported $300,000 bonus, hasn't come close to reaching the 90-m.p.h. readings he posted in his native Taiwan last season.

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