Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday ST News....

*Chien-Ming Wang is scheduled to pitch today in the Yankees exhibition opener against the Minnesota Twins.
-*Updated* Wang pitched the first 2 innings, retiring 5 of the 6 batters via the ground-ball out. Wang only needed 19 pitches in his two innings as the Yankees won 6-1.

*Chin-Hui Tsao is also scheduled to make an appearance today for the Dodgers versus the Braves. Hong-Chih Kuo will make his seasonal debut on Saturday against the Mets.
-*Updated* Tsao gave up a run in relief work as the Dodgers lost 7-2.

*ESPN with a news article on Taiwan Baseball. Pretty good stuff - a few notes: Chien-Ming Wang didn't have elbow surgery - rather he had arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. The player named Lung-Hao Hsieh is also known as Rong-Hao Hsieh on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey I just read on one of the ESPN articles about Chinese baseball.

It says there has been two times that a Chinese team beat a Taiwanese team.

I just don't seem to recall any. I'd be appreciative if you could refresh my memories. Thanks

Anonymous said...

their all star olympic team beat our collegiate team once,, not really that impressive.. terror can prolly think of the other one. i cant

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

That's correct, the collegiate NT lost to the Chinese NT in the Honkbalweek Tournament last summer. The collegiate NT was gearing up for the WUBC.

As for the other loss to China, I believe in the summer of '05, the national team (which was made up primarily of amateurs - kids who came and toured the US in July/August 2005) went to Italy to play some warmup games. This same team also lost to the Italian NT that week. The only stud player on that team was Kuo-Hui Lo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they both occured recently though. I think i remember terror posting somthing about it way back pointing out that the losses came so close after each other or something

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys =)