Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wed. News...

Ying-Chieh Lin pitched 2 inning of relief for the Eagles, allowing 2 runs (one earned) in the 6th and 7th innings. The Eagles lost to the Hawks 9-0. Lin was clocked at a high of 85 mph.

Lin's teammate En-Yu Lin is out with a blister on his finger.

Si-Yo Wu and Ming-Chieh Hsu have been pitching for their respective nigun teams. Chung-Shou Yang is also expected to start the season with the Fighters nigun team.

Two other Taiwanese ballplayers - the Tigers Wei-Chu Lin and the Giants Chien-Ming Chiang (may start April 3rd) are expected to start the season with the parent NPB club.

Chien-Ming Wang looks like he is on the fast track in his recovery from a hamstring tear.

Chin-Hui Tsao is making his bid to be on the final 25 man roster for the Dodgers. Tsao is competing with Rudy Seanez for the final reliever spot. We'll find out Saturday if he starts the season in LA.

Elephants 4 - Lions 0:Game MVP Elephants SP Joey Dawley - 6 IP - 0 runs, 5 hits allowed - 9 K's, 4 walks/Cheng-Ming Peng and Ming-Hsieh Lin were both 2-4 with a RBI, with Lin cracking his first HR of the season.
Bulls 9 - Bears 3:Game MVP Bulls CF Hua-Wei Tseng was 4-5 with 2 RBI's/CFC was 0-3 while Chih-Sheng Lin was 1-4 for the Bears


maos said...

i really dont know where Lin's speed went. he used to pitch low 90's easy.

same with Wu. in the cpbl he had streaks for ~146km, but it's like he's lost all his stuff over the konami cup.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

A lot of these guys are flaming out earlier than they should...Perhaps this suggests that the training methods need to be modified to help protect and prolong the careers of these guys.