Saturday, March 31, 2007

Minor League Rosters....

I'll keep a running tab on where our kids will start the season this year - This will be updated for factual accuracy and as rosters are completed.

Yung-Chi Chen - AAA Tacoma Raniers
Ching-Lung Hu - AA Jacksonville Suns
Ching-Lung Lo - AA Tulsa Drillers
Sung-Wei Tseng - A adv. Kinston Indians
Chao-Kuan Wu - A adv. Kinston Indians
Kuo-Hui Lo - A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Chih-Hsien Chiang - SS Lowell Spinners
Wang-Yi Lin - Extended ST > most likely R GCL Red Sox
Chih-Hsiang Huang - Extended ST > most likely R GCL Red Sox
Sheng-An Kuo - Extended ST
Po-Yu Lin - Extended ST
Yen-Feng Lin - Extended ST
Chi-Hung Cheng - Extended ST - rehabbing
Po-Hsuan Keng - Extended ST > most likely A adv. Dunedin Blue Jays
Chen-En Hong - Extended ST > GCL Braves
Tzu-Kai Chiu - Extended ST
Wang-Wei Lin - Extended ST > possibly on to Australia later this summer

***Speaking of Chiang, here's a great find by Solidsnake2006 from - it's C.H. Chiang's own personal blog - has tons of pics.


Anonymous said...

This is a good idea, thanks! I didn't think Hu would start at double A though, that's too bad but oh well. Btw, i don't remember very clearly, but is seems like this year's minor league list is smaller than last years?

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

it's not news. Hu was announced to start the season in AA a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Hu should be in AAA. WTF Dodgers.