Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2007 NT Preliminary Roster....

37 amateur players (including one ex-NPBer trying to make a comeback) were selected to train in hopes of being selected to the final NT roster for this year's Olympic qualifiers (will take place Nov. 30th to Dec. 2nd in Taipei). This preliminary NT roster will participate in the World Port Tournament in Holland, August 2nd - 12th as well as an international tourney in Italy on the 24th of August. It will also represent Taiwan at the World Cup in November (5th to the 18th) - to be held in Taiwan as well.


Pitchers (18)
1)Wei-Hua Lee
2)Yu-Chi Hsiao
3)Ming-Jian Hsu
4)Kun-Hung Chen
5)Cheng-Yang Chen
6)Ching-Ming Wang
7)Chia-Ming Huang
8)Cheng-Lung Lo
9)Chia-Chun Tang
10)Ko-Chien Lin
11)Kai-Wen Cheng
12)Chia-Jui Mai
13)Chen-Chang Lee
14)Chu-Kuan Lee
15)Chia-Jen Lo
16)Chih-Yong Deng
17)Wan-Lin Tsai
18)Chih-Chia Chang - ex Seibu Lion

Catchers (4)
1)Kun-Sheng Lin
2)Fu-Yuan Lee
3)Chun-Tai Wang
4)Jui-Mu Chen

Infielders (8)
1)Yi-Chuan Lin
2)Han Lin
3)Ming-Chueh Tsai
4)De-Lung Yu
5)Chien-Ming Su
6)Ming-Chung Hsieh
7)Kuo-Ming Lin
8)Yu-Kai Huang

Outfielders (7)
1)Yuan-Chin Chu
2)Chien-Yu Kuo
3)Chih-Yao Chan
4)Chih-Hao Chang
5)Kai-Lun Lin
6)Ying-Chieh Liao
7)Chao-Ting Tang


Cor said...

Are you sure that these players will represent Taiwan during the World Cup and the Olympic Qualifications.
I assumed they would play with the same team like they used during Intercontinental and the Asia Cup.
So including the 'professional' players.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering about that also....

Can the NT have players from professional leagues- like our players in the NPB and MLB. Even the CPBL

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...
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TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Like, I said this is a training list. They will def. represent the country in Holland and in Italy.

As for the World Cup, they will draw from these players to play in that tourney. Will they add players from the US/Japan/and CPBL? It's possible, but then again for strategic purposes and since the Asian Qualifier is just a few weeks after the Cup, who knows?

Regarding the Olympic Qualifiers...that's a different story. I'm assuming that the best available players will represent Taiwan in order to try and qualify for the Olympics. So, there's a chance that one or two of these guys (most likely a pitcher - although OF Chan was selected to play in the WBC) might make that roster.