Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Rundown...

The Dodgers lost to their crosstown rivals - the Angels in the first game of their "freeway" series 9-1. Kuo pitched the last 2 innings for the Dodgers. Kuo gave up 2 hits - a double and a single to plate one run in the 7th inning - he was clocked at 90-92 mph on his fastball. In the 8th, Kuo settled down and held the Angels hitless & scoreless, clocking 93-96 mph on the gun. Box

US Minors:

A - Wisconsin got one-hit by Lansing's pitching staff. Final score: Lansing 11 - Wisky 0. Guess who broke up the no-hitter? You guessed it, Mr. Lo. Lo was 1-4 with his 9th SB of the season. Box

A - Greenville won 12-5. Chiang was 1-4 with 2 runs scored. He did commit his 2nd error of the season as well. Box

AA - Jacksonville won 6-3. Hu was 0-3 with 2 walks, his 7th SB of the season, and a run scored. Hu committed his 6th error of the season. Box

The Tigers won 4-1. Lin was 2-4 with his 6th HR of the season. Box

The Fighters lost 5-2 to the Hawks. Yang was 1-2 with a walk and a RBI. Box

Both games were postponed because of heavy downpour on the island. The games will be rescheduled in June.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kuos rotator cuff is fully healed up now? He seems to have some pretty good velocity on his heater if he's hittin up to 96. But, im pretty sure I have seen him hit triple digits on occasion in 06 i believe. can anyone confirm that

2.5 said...

I thought it was the pre-surgery Tsao who hit triple digits, and it was in thin-aired Colorado.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

When he was with the Dodgers last year, I only remember him topping out at 96-97 mph. He def. threw much harder pre-surgery & 2.5 is spot on about Tsao's triple digit fastball.

Anonymous said...

maybe I got it mixed up. I was probably watching Kuo pitch pre-surgery. Well, its good to hear hes hittin up to 96 right now. As for Tsao,he has hit triple digits in hot and humid, not just colorado. Im pretty sure it was when he was pitching for the National team. I wonder how fast Tsao is pitching now