Monday, May 07, 2007

Good to Be Home...

I just got back from Taiwan. All in all it was a very memorable trip - highlighted by meeting David Wu who is my brother-in-law's good friend. David and my brother-in-law also work together at which aims at teaching English (and it's slang) to the Chinese masses. David was a very down-to-earth guy and was gracious enough to pose with my little boy.
I also had the chance to meet Edgar Lin who runs one of the best Taiwanese baseball websites (in Chinese though) around - PLAYBALL BASEBALL - the Soul of Baseball. If you can read Chinese, I'm sure you've probably visited his site already.

Although I didn't have much time to do any baseball related sightseeing, I did notice that Chien-Ming Wang's image is plastered all over the island - ranging from McDonald's to local banks, and other advertising outlets.
He's also on the news 24-7. In addition, there are no less than 2 books already out on Wang:

Once I get over this jet lag, I'll get back to the daily recaps and news.


maos said...

what part of taiwan where you?

maos said...

sorry. that last post didnt exactly come out right.

Anonymous said...

Just a little friendly reminder:

"its slang," not "it's slang"

"Its" represents possession, where as "It's" = "It is".

This is a common mistake, no biggie.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Welcome back! cute boy you got there. Once you get over your jetlag, please tell us about your trip in Taiwan. bet that was fun.... i really want one of those rice burgers that Wang is holding!haha

Anonymous said...

yeah but isnt he saying that it's english's slang? so it's supposed to represent possesion

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I was all over the island, but I was in Taichung and Taipei the longest.