Thursday, May 24, 2007

2007 Youth NT Roster...

With the 13th World Youth Baseball Championships (to be held in San Cristobal, Venezuela) approaching in August, the youth NT has been set:

1)Meng-Chen Fan
  • Was selected top pitcher of the 2007 Hsieh Kuo-Cheng Cup - (16-under national tourney)
2)Chao-Hsiang Chen
  • led the recently completed Hsieh Kuo-Cheng Cup (2007 HKC Cup) with 9 RBI's
  • MVP of the 2007 HKC Cup
3)Chen-Hsiang Kao
4)Yu-Chou Wei
5)Ting-Hao Lin
6)Yao-Tsung Ou
7) Hung-Wei Shih

1)Shih-Hao Liu
  • member of the 2005 Pony League World Series Champs
2)Wei-Chih Cheng

1)Shang-Ying Tsai
2)Liao Nien-Che Chang
  • member of the 2005 Pony League World Series Champs
3)Dan-Cheng Lin
4)Yu-Yu Hsu
  • member of the 2004 Taiwanese Bronco World Series (11-12 year olds) team
5)Wei-Chen Wang
  • son of current CPBL Whales head coach and ex-slugger Kuang-Hui Wang
  • Led the recently completed HKC Cup (16-under national tourney) with a .580 BA
Wei-Chen Wang (L) with dad (R)
1)Pin-Hung Ji
2)Yu-Chien Lin
3)Tai-Yan Kuo
4)Tung-Jung Wu
  • star two-way player on the 2004 Bronco World Series reps from Taipei
Tung-Jung Wu

*Players in bold demarcate those to keep an eye on.

In its last two appearances, Taiwan finished 5th in 2005 and won a silver in 2003, led by Chih-Hsien Chiang.

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