Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday News....

*Salary figures have been exchanged between CMW and the Yankees. CMW's (with CSMG) initial figure is $4.6 million dollars while the Yankees offered $4 million. That's approximately an 8-9 fold increase from last year's salary ($489,500).

*Baseball America has an indepth look at Ching-Lung Lo:

"When Lo signed for $1.4 million as a 16-year-old, he showed a mid-90s fastball. Though he never has had arm problems, he now operates with a fringe-average 88-90 mph heater. In 2006, the Rockies decided to let him go back to the Asian style of pitching, even though that means he leans on his back leg and doesn't throw on the downhill plan they prefer. That delivery doesn't allow him to use his legs and puts some strain on his arm, but more conventional U.S. mechanics weren't working. Lo seemed to make some modest progress after revering to his old style, but he regressed in 2007. Colorado also has allowed him to scrap his changeup and resume using a splitter. He throws a slider but it's still a below-average pitch. He doesn't have a plus pitch and doesn't throw enough strikes, so Lo has an uphill climb to the major leagues. He may repeat Double-A this year."

Other prospects of note who were briefly discussed in BA's chats included: Po-Yu Lin (not very positive) and Sung-Wei Tseng.

*As mentioned by Maos, the Rakuten Eagles and the Lin boys will be coming to Tainan, Taiwan in Feb. (on the 23rd) to play the President Lions.


Anonymous said...

is 4 million dollars a high salary for a pitcher? I wonder how much Dice-K, Santana, or Sabathia get paid. Terror, do you know their salaries compared to Wangs.

TTT said...

2007 Salaries:
Dice-K: $6.3 million
Santana: $13 million
Sabathia: $8.75 million

Anonymous said...

wow, wang is really underpayed. He outperformed Dice-K this year yet he is still getting payed 2 million less. 4 million for the pitcher with the most wins in the past 2 ,eh