Monday, January 28, 2008

Scouting Taiwan....

Since 1999, 4 of the first 6 players signed out of Taiwan have made it to the Show. While the Yankees, Dodgers, and Rockies have all had at least one Taiwanese player make it to the Majors, other ML clubs are searching for the next future ML'er in Taiwan.

In the organizational ladder, the local/area scout is instrumental in identifying players that he feels would be a future asset to his team. Since most of these guys get so little publicity, I thought I'd put together a compilation of current MLB scouts in Taiwan and the highest profile signing that they've been given credit for so far:

Seattle Mariners: Jamey Storvick - signed RHP Chia-An Huang ($700K)
Boston Red Sox: Niko Lin - signed OF Che-Hsuan Lin ($400K)
Atlanta Braves: Jeremy Chu - signed RHP Chen-En Hung ($120K)
Chicago Cubs: Steve Wilson - signed RHP Hong-Wen Chen ($150K)
Minnesota Twins: Cary Broder/Kenny Su - NA (recent hirees)
Detroit Tigers: Allen Lin - NA (recent hire)
Cincinnati Reds: Fu Chiang - signed LHP Tzu-Kai Chiu ($250K)
Chicago White Sox: Samuel Fu - signed RHP Po-Yu Lin ($300K)
Cleveland Indians: Jason Lee/Ming-Hsiao Hung - signed RHP Sung-Wei Tseng ($300 K)/C Chun-Hsiu Chen ($300 K)


cuttlefish said...

what's up with these players having English first name

TTT said...

Are you talking about the Taiwanese scouts?