Saturday, January 12, 2008

What They're Getting Paid...

Here's a look at what a few star CPBL players will make domestically in 2008 - the numbers are monthly figures. Keep in mind that the CPBL season typically runs from March through October annually.

1)Chin-Feng Chen (La New Bears) - 830,000 NT/month ~ $25,600/mo
(CFC's annual salary is roughly around $300,000 a year)*Edited

2)Wei-Lun Pan (President Lions) - 460,000 NT/month ~ $14,200/mo

3)Kuo-Ching Kao (President Lions) - 350,000 NT/month ~ $10,800/mo

4)Cheng-Min Peng (Brother Elephants) - 320,000 NT/month ~ $9,900/mo

According to this poster on the Baseball Fever message board, the avg. monthly salary (in 2007) in the CPBL is ~ $3,400/month. International players make more, averaging $5K to $12K a month. *Edited

Here's a few updates on the 2008 salaries for NPB players:
1)Wei-Chu Lin of the Hanshin Tigers received a significant raise for 2008 - he'll make ~$414,000 this year as compared to ~$163,000 last year.

2)Chung-Shou Yang (Fighters) also received a raise for 2008 - he'll receive ~ $115,000 this year (he made $90,500 in 2007).

3)Wei-Yin Chen (Dragons) will receive ~$55,100 in 2008.

4)Chien-Ming Chiang's (Giants) 2008 salary will remain the same as last year ~$77,000.

For comparative purposes, you can refer back at an earlier post that addresses what some of the overseas players were making in 2007.


Anonymous said...

83,000 NT dollars is only 2550 dollars though, i think u forgot a zero on the NT dollars

TTT said...

Thanks for catching that! Post has been edited.

2.5 said...

If you make more than the avg CPBL player per month, say aye.