Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Positive ID....

Here's a follow up on an earlier story broken by Baseballfly. I-Che Kan, identified as the best prospect out of the group of kids who came out to LA last year, has his own blog/picture album.

Here's a pic from Kan's album:

The players pictured from left to right are: I-Che Kan, Shieh-Chieh Hsu (Chung-Dau HS), Wei-Yu Chuang (Gao-Nong HS), LHP Chiao-Hao Lo (Da-Tung HS), RHP Li-Wei Shih (Da-Tung HS). Pictured on the far right is Chin-Lung Yang (Charlie Yang), a CTBA board member and broadcaster for HS games in Taiwan. Yang was instrumental in signing all of these kids for the CTBA & WMG.

The NT won 2-0 on Wed. in PR. Wei-Hua Lee and Chih-Chia Chang combined on a 3 hit shutout.


maos said...

chang looks like he's getting some of his old stuff back :D

Anonymous said...
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