Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chicken Scratch(ed)....

En-Yu "The Chicken" Lin will not participate in the March OQ Tourney due to a sore right shoulder. This is a big blow to the NT as Lin would've been counted on as the probable ace of the starting rotation.

The NT closed out its tour in PR with a 2-1 win over the PR NT. Chih-Chia Chang continued his impressive run on the island with another good outing Wednesday. Chang allowed only one run on 2 hits over 6 IP. He also had 8 K's.


Anonymous said...

hey terror, I know this has nothing to do with En-Yu Lin but it has to do with Taiwan's LL team that went to Williamsport. It is from a blogger that got to meet the team. I actually thought it was pretty interesting. Heres the blog entry

"then, while we're waiting in line to go in the gift shop (the game doesn't start for another 2 hours) we see a group of youngsters in those turquoise hats i saw on tv all week. it's the taipei, taiwan team. quick! how do i say in chinese, "yeah, i'm crazy, i lived there for two years as a church missionary. yes, the ones on the bikes."

cameron walks up to the team and extends his hand to one of the players. the rest swarm him like bees. "blahblahblahtaichungblahblahblah" (my translation of his chinese) then coach shows up, shakes hands. always at some point during cameron's chinese convos, the other person will point to me and ask something. i assume he says something to the effect of "yes, that's my wife, she doesn't speak chinese." but for all i know he could be saying, "that american girl i married it's even excited to be at the world series on the most humid day in the history of pennsylvania!" they talk more, and i get a photo. cam does the ubiquitous peace sign, the chinese love it.

eventually we make it to our seats, the free admission grandstand of course. we tested out about 5 spots, analyzing the perspective of the pitcher's mound, the view of the outfield, until we settled on a spot near the top, where the breeze was (my recommendation).

two hours we sat. we watched the seats fill and the shade creep lower and lower (15 minutes per row i estimated). cameron pointed out all the espn commentators that grace our television every evening. we pointed out who was really fat and who was wearing a weird shirt (tie between the 40 year old's "whatever happens at deer camp, stays at deer camp" and the 11 year old girl donning a hooters shirt). i bought a large kettle korn, it was going to be a long day.

the international championship game (japan vs. caribbean) started and cameron shook my shoulders. shortly after, the taiwan team joined us at our seats. 11 year olds are the same everywhere. they teased each other about the cute american girls sitting next to us, they punched each other. the coolest thing was they cheered for japan, who had beat them in a walk-off home run the other night. why? i asked cameron. "asians" the kids told him. cool. we bought a baseball and the taiwan team signed it. it's displayed on our bookcase right now."

The Full entry is here if you wanna look at it

TTT said...

Thanks for sharing that post!