Friday, February 01, 2008

Staying Put....

*In a move to keep talent in Taiwan, the President Lions signed pitcher Wei-Lun Pan to a 3 year deal. Pan will receive ~ $14,200/month (460,000 NT) in 2008, ~ $15,600/month (500,000 NT) in 2009, and ~ $15,900/month (510,000 NT) in 2010. Pan is the second highest paid domestic player in the CPBL and will earn approximately ~ $172,300 in 2008.

Bears IF Chih-Sheng Lin also cracked the list of highest paid domestic players when he was recently signed to a multi-year deal that will pay him ~ $9,700/month (310,000 NT) in 2008 through 2010.

Tarzan, the veteran star for the Sinon Bulls will make ~ $9,400/month (300,000 NT) in 2008.

CH Hsieh, the Cobras star, is still waiting the fate of his team's status (pending acquisition by D-Media).

*The 411 on the Indians' scouting presence in Taiwan has been updated.

*The NT lost to the PR NT 5-1 on Friday.

*Updates on CMW: If the Yankees can't come to terms with Wang, the arbitration hearing is set for Feb. 14th. As late as this past Tuesday, the Twins asked for CMW as part of a proposed package for Johan Santana.

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