Friday, February 22, 2008

HS Notes....

Taichung Gao-Nong HS won the recently completed Taiwan HS Cup. The top 4 finishers of the Taiwan Cup are as follows:

1)Gao-Nong HS
2)Shi-Yuan HS
3)San-Hsin HS
4)Nan-Ying HS

Leading the way for Gao-Nong HS was junior 2-way star Wei-Da Su. Su had the highest BA and the most HR’s in the tourney. The 17 year old (DOB: 11/10/90) is another member of the talented HS class of 2009 (Yi-Hao Lin and Yao-Wen Chang have already signed professional contracts). Su, who stands 6'1" (T:R/B:L), is one of Gao-Nong's top pitchers (able to throw in the high 80's). However his ticket to a bigger and brighter future is his bat (and sweet swing).


(pictures courtesy of Liberty Times and Apple Daily)

Gao-Nong senior RHP Cheng-Hao Wang (clocked at 90 mph) was selected as the top pitcher in the tourney.
Others who were selected to the tourney all-star team included:
1)P Meng-? Fan (Gao-Nong)
2)C Chao-Hsiang Chen (Gao-Nong)
3)IF ? Lo (Gao-Nong)
4)IF Yi-Jen Lin (Shi-Yuan)
5)IF Chia-Ming Huang (San-Hsin) – hit the tourney’s other HR
6)IF Chia-Liang Hung (Nan-Ying)
7)OF Tsu-Wei He (Shi-Yuan)
8)OF Yi-Kun Huang (Gao-Nong)
9)OF Chieh-Huang Wu (Shi-Yuan)

In other HS baseball news, two of the most hyped pitchers in Taiwan have named their asking price:
1)Senior RHP Rong-Hao Hsieh from Ku-Pao HS (clocked at 83-86 mph during the tourney/represented by CSMG) is looking to sign for ~ $400 K.
2)Junior RHP Wen-Hao Cheng from Mei-Ho HS (84-87 mph during the tourney/represented by KDN Sports) is looking to sign for ~ $500K.


kmagcb said...

Well, sadly to see those so-called "asking prices" being released at this early stage, when there are 2 more HS tournaments for kids to work on in order to achieve what they are looking for ultimately... too bad those insiders who do not get to represent neither of those 2 kids just try to bring them down by putting up crazy numbers like this other than from those kids legit agencies... good luck to those insiders

JW Yu said...

To the post above, do you actually know the players yourself or attend games in Taiwan? Agents from at least 4 companies were at the recent tournament promoting and approaching teams about their clients. So what if there are more tournaments to go!? Do you actually know the baseball environment in Taiwan? If not, you ought to spend more time getting to know the environment. It's not unusual for Asian/Taiwanese players to ask/expect ridiculous amounts of money/signing bonus. RHP Rong-Hao Hsieh was offered 500,000 by one MLB team when he was 15, so what's wrong with him expecting 400,000 (from his standpoint)??? I encourage you to go talk to players in Taiwan and find out how much money they typically expect. Just some examples, recently signed Chinatrust Whales player Cheng-Chi Huang wanted $1 million when he was 19; Blue Jays minor league pitcher Chi-Hung Cheng initially wanted $2.5 million; and Reds minor league pitcher Tzu-Kai Chiu initially wanted 500,000. Go find our yourselve. I can tell you that you ought to get a brain if you don't think agents promote their clients early and Taiwanese players ask for ridiculous amounts of money. That's why both WMG and KDN brought a bunch of players to showcase in US last year but no player signed. Many of the players showcased were underclassmen.

kmagcb said...

well, if that was the case just like you have said, I wonder if you were attending games or knowing players youself? Because there are local agencies trying to grab every kid and promote them to ML teams, like telling scouts they have 20 kids on hand, I wonder what kind of agency that would be? 20 prospects from Taiwan now? Go figure yourself... and by the way, everyone knows that those ones who put kids in the states last year and try to sell them, are actually working hand in hand... at least CSMG and KDN they do not do those dirty deals like those ones everyone knows... good luck in manipulating this market you ppl...

TTT said...

I started this blog with the intention to share some photos of the NT. It obviously has grown into something much more comprehensive.

Before any of this BS goes further, I need to address something to kmagcb.

Why are you tearing down some of the sources who help to contribute a small portion of the info to this blog? I don't see you emailing me with any content or contribution to the blog. Also by using a bogus ID, what credibility would you have if you remained anonymous to me?

My sources give freely of their time and expect nothing in return. The bottom line is that the fans/readers are the winners as they receive occasional insight into the Taiwanese amateur scene.

Email me your claims with some credible concrete evidence and then we can talk. Depending on which source I trust, I'm always up for editing any content that might be factually incorrect. Till then, stop the hating.

TTT said...

Personally, I hope both Hsieh and Cheng get what they're asking for. Are their numbers realistic? We'll just have to wait and see how much they sign for.

Anonymous said...

ttt, you need to watch all the ads you place on the blog, it places a lot of cookies to everyone who stop by and that leads to many spam mails.

TTT said...

Do the problems arise when you visit the page or when you click on the ads?