Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OQ Prep......

Well, in preparation for the impending OQ in March, the NT has been playing a series of exhibition matches at home against amateur and CPBL teams.

The biggest question mark heading into the tourney will be the pitching staff. With some of the biggest names unable to participate in the tourney, the NT will have to look for some of the younger guys to step up to the plate.

Here's a list of the top velocities so far during the current exhibition matches:
rhp Chia-Jen Lo 90
rhp Kai-Wen Cheng 89
rhp Chih-Lung Huang 89
lhp Fu-Te Ni 88
rhp Chih-Chia Chang 87
rhp Chen-Chang Lee 87
rhp Chu-kuan Lee 87
rhp Po-Yu Lin 86
rhp Kevin Huang 86
lhp Tzu-Kai Chiu 83

*amateur players demarcated in red


Anonymous said...

oh no man so screwed no speed!

anyways, just a headsup, the chinatrust whales are playing against team korea tonight.

TTT said...

Thanks for the reminder!