Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ricky Stone Update....

In a follow up to an earlier post on former CPBL player Ricky Stone, there is now an official website up and running in regards to the auction supporting this worthy cause. Any help, whether it be donating items, monetary support, purchasing items from the auction, or just words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated by the Stone family.

The Playoff Series kicks off tomorrow between the Bears and Elephants. 20 game winner Mike Johnson is expected to start for the Bears while the Elephants are expected to counter with ace Yu-Cheng Liao.

Expected starting lineups:

1)RF Chien-Wei Tsai
2)CF Long-Yi Huang
3)SS Chih-Sheng Lin
4)DH Chin-Feng Chen
5)1B Gary Burnham
6)3B Chih-Wei Shih
7)2B Chih-Tsung Chiang
8)LF Hao-Chu Tseng
9)C Feng-Min Chen

1)DH Chih-Yuan Chen
2)SS Sheng-Wei Wang
3)LF Kuan-Jen Chen
4)RF Cheng-Min Peng
5)3B Jui-Chen Chen
6)1B Chin-Yung Wang
7)C Yi-Feng Kuo
8)2B Chiang-Ho Chen
9)CF Cheng-Wei Huang

En-Yu Lin was clocked at 90 mph recently. Hopefully he can make a full recovery in time for the WBC.

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