Monday, March 23, 2009

3/23 News Briefs....

Phillies 8 - Yankees 3: CMW 0-2, 5.0 IP, 3 R, 5 H, 2 K's, 2 BB's
Recap1/Recap 2/At the new park

Angels 10 - Dodgers 4: CL Hu 1-4, RBI
Scout's take on Kuo in Sunday's game vs. the Rangers

Placing bets on CPBL games to curtail illegal gambling (game-fixing scandals) ?

CH Tsao will wear #71 with the Elephants (the same # he wore with the Rockies)


Maos said...

i may be waking up at like 5am in illinois to catch some of the elephants games now. :D

BC said...

thats so unfortunate that Tsao went from being arguably the top pitching prospect out of Taiwan these past 10 years and is now back in Taiwan in the CPBL...sigh

As for Kuo, its good to hear good words from the scouts. I wonder if Torre will consider playing Kuo as a closer instead of a setup man. I would like to see him as a closer personally.

TTT said...

That's what I call a hardcore fan dude.