Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nan-Ying On Top Again...

Taiwan Cup (HS):

Keng-Hao Chang

Nan-Ying 3 - Ku-Pao 2: It took 11 innings, but Nan-Ying defeated Ku-Pao for the 2009 Taiwan Cup Championship. It was the school's third win in four tourney championship games against Ku-Pao since 2006. (1 2)
Nan-Ying ace Keng-Hao Chang picked up the key win (throwing 9 shutout innings), his third of the tourney. He earned the top pitcher award in the tourney.

Other tourney award winners:
Top Hitter: Huang-Yi Wang (Gao-Nong) .533 BA
HR King: Chien-Ting Feng (Nan-Ying) 1
All-Tourney Team:
P - Kuan-Yu Chen (Ku-Pao)
C - Cheng-Ming Chen (Nan-Ying)
IF - Wei-Da Su (Gao-Nong)
IF - Ping-Chieh Chen (Nan-Ying)
IF - Wei-Chen Wang (Ku-Pao)
IF - Fu-Lin Kuo (Nan-Ying)
OF - Yi-Kun Huang (Gao-Nong)
OF - Yung-Hsuan Chuang (Nan-Ying)
OF - Yen-Ju Chen (Ku-Pao)

Gao-Nong 7 - Shi-Yuan 6: Gao-Nong earned third place in the tourney and 150 K NT ($4,400 USD) for the school.
Nan-Ying pocketed 500 K NT ($14,800 USD) while tourney runner-up Ku-Pao earned 250 K NT ($7,400 USD).

Fu-Te Ni was assigned to minor league camp and will likely start the year at AAA with the Toledo Mud Hens.

Dodgers 11 - Rangers 4: CL Hu 1-1, R


Maos said...

tsao signed with the elephants today.

with all these players coming back to the cpbl, hopefully the league gets a boost in quality.

TTT said...

Thanks dude.

Read that not too long ago.....the official announcement is at 10 AM ?

2.5 said...

Now the CPBL might even be worth watching!