Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend Roundup...

The Dodgers lost on Sunday 3-2 to the White Sox. CL Hu was 0-1. Box

CMW is scheduled to start Monday against the Astros.


Nice read on the NT

Chen-Chang Lee is expected to start Monday's game against the Yomiuri Giants.

The anticipated starting lineup:
1)CF CH Lin
2)2B CH Chiang
3)3B YC Lin
4)1B CM Peng
5)RF WC Lin
6)DH KC Kao
7)LF WH Pan
8)C CK Kao
9)SS SW Wang


TSU-Taoyuan defeated TSU-Taichung 7-6 to take the championship of the recently completed collegiate tourney. TSU-Taichung was the defending champion in the event.


BC said...

if our NT can beat China and Korea and have a good competitive showing against Japan I will be pretty content. the Coach of the NT says he has a plan but he doesnt really have much to work with does he. I mean, the CPBL and MLB are basically holding back all our top players so what can the coach do. Atleast, our young players get to have some international experience. But to be honest, Im kinda pissed at the CPBL and MLB teams considering that Japan has both Dice-K and Ichiro and Korea has got their MLBers as well. We dont have Wang, Kuo, Tsao, or Hu. I was really looking forward to see what Kuo wouldve been able to do in the WBC. CPBL wise, we dont have Pan Wei Lun or CFC. If our team can make it to the semis I will flip shit.

Astros said...

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