Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hu and Kuo Face off against South Korea....

The Dodgers beat the South Korean NT 4-2 behind CL Hu's 2 run single in the 8th. HC Kuo also pitched 2/3 of a scoreless inning.


Chiang (L) #28 - Lin (R) #9

The Sinon Bulls finally got their man. Yi-Chuan Lin, the Bulls top pick in '07, finally agreed to terms with the Bulls and will receive the second highest signing bonus in CPBL history, netting a 5 million NT signing bonus ($145 K USD). His bonus equals the amount that P Chang-Wei Tu (with the former Whales in '05), OF Chih-Yuan Chen (Elephants '01), and P Yi-Cheng Tseng (Lions '99) received when they signed with their respective team. Who received the highest signing bonus ever handed out to a CPBL player? That would be P Chung-Nan Tsai with the Bulls in '02 - Tsai received a 6 million NT signing bonus ($174 K USD).
Lin will earn 110 K NT ($3,200 USD)/month.

Yi-Chuan Lin's website

The Bulls also finalized their deal with P Chien-Ming Chiang. Chiang will make 100 K NT/month ($2,900 USD).

Pics from Kai-Wen Cheng's official press announcement:

As reported by BC, Taipei City will create its own baseball team in an effort to reinvigorate the sport.


BC said...

good to hear that Kuo's elbow is feeling good. I wonder if Torre will try Kuo out at the closer spot this season. what do u think terror? If Broxton is inconsistent and doesnt lock down the closer spot, I could see Kuo moving from set-up man to closer. He has got the stuff(like Broxton) to be a good closer for sure.

TTT said...

He'll probably be a situational reliever. I can't see him being the closer on a daily basis - not with his history of injuries.