Thursday, November 05, 2009

BayStars to Sign a Lefty?

La New lhp Yi-Cheng Wang is in the BayStars' fall camp (alongside 3 other Taiwanese pitchers). Apparently, the BayStars were impressed with what they saw and are interested in signing him.

Wang was a minor league player for the La New Bears this past season.
Here's his stats for this past season: 7 G, 1 W, 1 L, 5.93 ERA, 27.1 IP, 15 K's, 21 BB's

He was also a member of the NT that participated in this year's World Port Tournament, Asian Championships, & World Cup (listed as I-Cheng Wang).

Here's a brief scouting report on Wang (tops out at 91 mph/scroll to the bottom of the list).

DOB: 10/9/85
H: 6'3"
W: 163

HS Vid

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