Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Youth NT:

Chih-Wei Hu

A youth NT (majority of the kids are from Ping-Zhen jr HS in Taoyuan) representing Taiwan swept a 3 game set against a youth all-star squad from Japan.

The first game took place on the 19th. SP Chih-Wei Hu ('09 WYC/World Youth Championships NT, W, 7 IP, 0 R, 3 H, 4 K's) and reliever Chun-Yen Wang combined on a 4 hit shutout as Taiwan won 4-0 in game 1.

Game 2 took place on the 20th. Taiwan won 14-2. SP Keng-Sheng Lee allowed 1 R on 2 H over 5 IP to pick up the W.

Game 3 was played on Saturday. The NT rallied for a 10-9 win.

Youth NT Roster:
1)RHP Keng-Sheng Lee ('09 WYC NT)
2)C Chin-Lung Chang ('09 WYC NT)
3)IF Chi-Yang Peng
4)IF Yu-Hung Hsiao
5)IF Tsung-Hsien Lee
6)IF Lu-An Chang (related to Chung-Shou Yang, the 15 year old is heading to Fukuoka, Japan next year for school )
7)OF Shao-Wei Chen (09 JBL NT - star of the JBL squad)
8)OF Yu-Ping Sen (09 JBL NT - has run a 23.23 200 M time)
9)OF Chih-Feng Huang
10)RHP Chun-Yen Wang
11)LHP Jung-Hung Sen
12)RHP Chia-Ming Cheng
13)RHP Chih-Chieh Su
14)RHP Tsai-Chuan Hsu (09 JBL NT)
15)RHP Chih-Wei Hsu ('09 WYC NT)
16)OF Yen-Chang Lee
17)C Kui-Hung Kao
18)RHP Yu-Hsiang Keng (09 JBL NT)

Care Cup (Kuan-Huai/Aboriginal Tourney):
San-Hsin RHP Kuo-Hua Lo ('09 junior NT) cracked the first HR in the tourney. He also was clocked at a high of 92 mph. San-Hsin won that game 7-2. 36 teams are competing in the tourney which is going on simultaneously with the preliminary rounds of the Wood Bat Tourney.

*Although Chih-Lung Huang signed an ikusei contract for $100 K, he has some bonus incentives in his clause that would pay him up to 50 million yen over 2 years should he make it to the big league club. His contract was negotiated between the "Giants" (Yomiuri and U.S. Giants).

*CMW Update

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