Tuesday, November 17, 2009

News and Notes...

Association Cup:
The Taoyuan County Aerotropolis baseball team won the recently completed Association Cup. TYC defeated Leader University 10-0 in the championship game.

TYC had the definitive experience edge with a roster full of former CPBL players (including fielders Ming-Jen Kuo/T-Rex, Chang-Long Yeh/Whales, Po-Jen Yang/Elephants, Chun-Chiang Kao/Whales, Yung-Che Chen/Whales, Pai-Hung Wu/Bulls, Hsun-Wei Lin/Elephants-Bulls, Kuan-Wei Lee/T-Rex.)

The WP in the championship game and tourney MVP - Hsien-Chih Chang (14.2 scoreless innings in the tourney & formerly of the T-Rex) combined with Chang-Wei Tu (formerly of the CT Whales) on the 4 hit shutout. The second place finish was Leader U's best showing ever in the tourney.

The Taipei County - Banqiao team defeated the MeiFu Giants (Chinese Culture U.) 2-1 in the consolation game.

2 million NT was awarded to the tourney's champs.


Nice read on WY Chen

Chung-Shou Yang of the Fighters, will be known as Tai-Kang Yang going forward

As expected, Yi-Hao Lin was re-signed to an ikusei contract by the Giants

The Asia Series will return next year. Home field advantage for the CPBL champs!

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