Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ta-Tung Final 4 Set....

Larkin and Logan in Taiwan (Pictured with the Ku-Pao HS baseball team)

*Ta-Tung Cup:
Kao-Yuan and San-Hsin advanced to the semifinals with victories today. San-Hsin defeated Mei-Ho 4-0 while Kao-Yuan shut out Qiang-Shu 9-0.
Lefty ace Sheng-Nan Chen earned the W for Kao-Yuan.
In an unbelievable showing of arm strength/endurance and abuse, San-Hsin went to ace Kuo-Hua Lo yet again in a key quarterfinal matchup. Lo, pitching on one day's rest (credited with a CG - 140 pitches on 1/31), threw another shutout (130 pitches over 9 innings) and in the process - picked up his 3rd win of the tourney (3 G, 0 R, 24 IP, 346 pitches! over an 8 day period).

The semifinals take place tomorrow pitting Kao-Yuan against San-Hsin and Shi-Yuan against Nan-Ying.


Shingo Takatsu in his Bulls digs

*Former Bulls C Chun-Chang Yeh will sign with the Brother Elephants.


Anonymous said...

"3 G, 0 R, 24 IP, 346 pitches! over an 8 day period"

Lo's coach should be shot...

TTT said...

Funny thing is his coach is his acting agent as well!