Monday, February 15, 2010

Year of the Tiger.....

A Happy Belated Chinese New Year to those who celebrate the holiday.

Playing a lil' catch up here, here's some of the most recent news:

*Ta-Tung Cup:
Kao-Yuan won the Ta-Tung Cup defeating Nan-Ying 6-3 in the championship game. Sheng-Nan Chen picked up the W for KY, throwing a CG (9 IP, 3 R, 7 H, 11 K's, 3 BB's). He was the MVP of the tourney.

Shi-Yuan earned 3rd in the tourney by beating San-Hsin 10-5. Amazingly, Kuo-Hua Lo threw another inning for San-Hsin (see previous posts) in the loss.

Tourney Leaders/Awards:
BA: Wei-Che Hsieh .437 (San-Hsin)
MVP: Sheng-Nan Chen (Kao-Yuan)
Top Pitcher: Kuo-Hua Lo 3 W's, 25 IP, 0.00 ERA (San-Hsin)
Most RBI: Chi-Hung Hsu 5 (Kao-Yuan)
HR: None

*What's Left of the CPBL:
-24 indicted
-The game fixing ring bought out the Kao-Yuan HS coach and possibly several Kao-Yuan HS baseball players so that they can fix games when they get to the CPBL.
-Chin-Hui Tsao agreed to fix two games, however one game was cancelled due to a typhoon while the other was aborted due to not enough players cooperating.
-Tsao's Octagon Rep, Michie Iwamoto had previously stated that "It's not illegal to go to hostess bars." & "Tsao didn't take girls from hostess bars out to love motels."
-The La New Bears are holding the salaries of 6 players, including star IF Chih-Sheng Lin for their possible involvement in this mess. The 6 (Lin, Feng-Min Chen, Si-Yo Wu, Chung-Wei Pan, Chin-Chih Huang, Long-Yi Huang) were implicated by their former teammate - Kevin Huang.
-Tsao and Chia-Hsien Hsieh (formerly of the Bulls) won't be able to play in the amateur league or serve as coaches in the amateur field per the CTBA.
-In other CPBL news, the President Lions' new hitting & pitching coaches will report after the new year; La New will play exhibition games vs Korean college teams; the Sinon Bulls will play an exhibition game vs an amateur club - TaiPower; Australian Ryan Murphy (the versatile MVP in last year's tourney in Holland) will sign with the Elephants.

-Chunichi Dragons LHP WY Chen got married to his longtime girlfriend (6 years) in December.

-Nippon Ham OF Yang jammed his thumb.

-Update on SBH P YH Yang

-It looks like CMW is moving closer to becoming a National (Dodgers, Cards out of the running).

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