Monday, February 01, 2010

Ta-Tung Cup: Battle of Two Goliaths.....

*A 25 man CPBL All-Star preliminary roster (subject to change) has been announced for the upcoming games against the Dodgers.
1)Wei-Lun Pan (L)
2)Yueh-Ping Lin (L)
3)Ching-Ming Wang (L)
4)Si-Yo Wu (Be)
5)Po-Hsuan Keng (Be)
6)En-Yu Lin (E)
7)Yung-Chieh Yeh (E)
8)Chien-Fu Yang (Bu)
9)Yu-Chieh Shen (Bu)
10)Ying-Chieh Lin (Bu)

1)Chih-Kang Kao (L)
2)Feng-Min Chen (Be)

1)Kuo-Ching Kao (L)
2)Chih-Wei Shih (Be)
3)Chih-Sheng Lin (Be) - recovering from injury
4)Chao-Hsing Cheng (Bu)
5)Yi-Chuan Lin (Bu)
6)Cheng-Min Peng (E)
7)Sheng-Wei Wang (E)

1)Fu-Hao Liu (L)
2)Wu-Hsiung Pan (L)
3)Chin-Feng Chen (Be) - recovering from injury
4)Chien-Ming Chang (Bu)
5)Ssu-Chi Chou (E)
6)Kuan-Jen Chen (E)

*Some of the latest updates from the best English site covering Japanese baseball news around - Yakyu Baka:
-"Chih-Lung Huang tossed a 60-pitch bullpen session on Thursday with the catcher standing. He told reporters that he threw at about 70-80% capacity. The Giants seemed fairly impressed with what they saw."
"Wei-Chu Lin swung the bat 72 times during practice on Friday and hit 8 out for home runs. Lin switched over to a regular bat after using a training bat the previous times."
"Yi-Hao Lin held a bullpen session on Friday and tossed 70 pitches."

The government's efforts to promote the game at the grassroots level will need to hasten as the latest numbers indicate a decrease in the number of little league teams playing baseball (down from 441 to 421) on the island. There was a slight jump in HS programs participating in the sport - 111 (up from 102).

*The Taichung City - Vee TV baseball team has released two players - Cheng-Chi Huang (once courted by the Blue Jays) and Hsiu-Fan Wu.

*Former Reds star Barry Larkin is in Taiwan now.

*CMW Updates:

*Latest Ta-Tung Cup results

Nan-Ying 6 - Ku-Pao 3: Reliever Chia-Hao Sung (pictured above) picked up a W for Nan-Ying, shutting down the Ku-Pao bats over the last 4.2 innings (0 runs, 2 H). Nan-Ying moves on to the final 4.

Shi-Yuan 14 - Hsin-She 3: Shi-Yuan advanced to the final 4 behind a 14-hit barrage.

-Playing in the other quarterfinals are Kao-Yuan vs. Qiang-Shu and San-Hsin vs. Mei-Ho tomorrow.

(Pitcher Kuo-Hua Lo led San-Hsin into the quarterfinals with a dominant performance yesterday. He threw a CG, 3 hit shutout against Tung-Shih - racking up 14 K's. He was clocked at a high of 92 and hit 91 on his last pitch of the game!)

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