Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brief Updates...

*The CNMI LL reps journey is over before it even began.   Taiwan's first scheduled opponent in the LL A-P regionals were stuck in Manila and I'm assuming they're out of the tourney.
Taiwan is scheduled to play Thailand today.

*The collegiate NT is 0-2 over in the Netherlands:
3-1 loss to the US team
1-0 loss to the home team

*The XM All-Star Futures Game takes place today in Anaheim, CA.   Watch and follow Chun-Hsiu Chen at 3 PM Pacific on ESPN2.

*Here's a list of the velocities recorded by Taiwanese MLB/MILB pitchers this year :
>LHP H. Kuo top 98, avg 93-96
>RHP C. Lee top 98, avg 91-93
>RHP CJ Lo top 97, avg 91-94
>RHP Y. Chang top 94, avg 88-92
>RHP H. Chen top 93, avg 87-91
>RHP Y. Wang top 93, avg 87-92
>RHP S. Kuo top 93, avg 88-91
>RHP CL Lo top 92, avg 87-90
>RHP T. Wang top 92, avg 86-89
>RHP S. Hung top 91, avg 86-89
>LHP H. Lo top 91, avg 87-90
>LHP F. Ni top 90, avg 85-88
>RHP P. Chi top 89, avg 85-87
>LHP T. Chiu top 88, avg 84-87
>RHP S. Tseng top 88, avg 82-86
>RHP Huang injured, s/p surgery
>RHP Wang injured, s/p surgery

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