Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movin' On to the Good 'Ol US of A.........

Taiwan is sending two reps to the US in the LL baseball organization.   Fu-Hsing LL from Kaohsiung City won the Asia-Pacific regional tourney, blanking its 5 opponents 46-0, and will receive plenty of TV time in Williamsport.  Chung-Ching Jr. LL from Taipei City won the Asia-Pacific regional tourney in JL baseball.  Chung-Ching will head to Taylor, MI after beating its opponents by an 86-6 margin.

In the Pony baseball organization, three teams will try to duplicate their LL brethrens' feats.   In the Bronco division, the team's toughest opponent in its pool is its opening game against Japan on the 18th.  Team ace Shih-Peng Chen is expected to start against Japan.  South Korea is in the other pool.

Shih-Peng Chen (L) pictured with Head Coach

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