Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Win for Junior NT...

*First off, congrats to J. Lin.   Good luck on your endeavours in the NBA.  Hopefully some day (soon), we'll see a Taiwanese American play in the Major Leagues.

*The junior NT defeated France in its opening game 11-1. 

*As already reported, the Bronco reps rallied to defeat South Korea and move on to the World Series in the Monterey, CA.
-The top pitcher award and home run king went to Shih-Peng Chen
-Chun-Hao Hsieh had the most RBI (13)
-Tourney MVP honors went to Hsin-Chun Lee

*Here's the rosters for the upcoming US/Taiwanese NT friendly series in Taiwan (7/25-7/28).  You can follow the games (to be played in Xinchuang Stadium) here.

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