Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Big Pay Day on the Horizon?

Chien-Ming Wang is set to get a significant raise ($489,500 salary in 2007) as the Yankees are set to extend a contract offer to him today.

From and author Dennis Nosco, a brief writeup on Chun-Hsiu Chen during his time in the fall instructional league:

"Chun-Hsiu Chen: Our new Taiwanese catcher. Brian Juhl indicated that he had good bat speed but was still pretty raw behind the plate. John Mirabelli indicated in a previous interview that he was a good catch and throw guy."

Da-Li HS was forced to forfeit their game to Mei-Ho HS today after they were discovered using illegal bats. Despite their forfeiture, Da-Li advanced to the final round along with Mei-Ho.

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2.5 said...

saying he wants to stay with Yanks forever is a demonstration of loyalty and dedication, but not the best way to leverage $$$ IMO. (Unless other teams are interested)