Monday, December 10, 2007

Past Star HS Alums.....

The top HS teams in Taiwan have a winning track record. However they also produce some of the top talent in the country. Here's a list of the schools and some of the top players that they have cranked out recently:

1)Nan-Ying: Hong-Chih Kuo (Dodgers), Chin-Lung Hu (Dodgers), Che-Hsuan Lin (Red Sox), Yen-Wen Kuo (Reds)
CH Lin

YW Kuo

2)Ku-Pao: Chih-Chia Chang (ex-Lion), En-Yu Lin (Eagles), Chih-Kang Kao (Lions), Chia-Chu Chen (Red Sox), Chih-Lung Huang

CC Chen

CL Huang

3)Kao-Yuan: Chin-Hui Tsao (ex-Dodger/ex-CR), Ching-Lung Lo (Rockies), Kuo-Hui Lo (Mariners), Yung-Chi Chen (Mariners), Wei-Yin Chen (Dragons), Chi-Hung Cheng (Blue Jays), Ying-Chieh Lin (Eagles), Chien-Fu Yang (Bulls) *Updated*

CH Cheng

WY Chen


CH Tsao


4)San-Min: Chih-Hsien Chiang (Red Sox), Chih-Hsiang Huang (Red Sox), Chen-En Hung (Braves), Chao-Kuan Wu (ex-Mariner), Kevin Huang (ex-Red Sox/Bears), Yueh-Ping Lin (Lions), Hong-Wen Chen (Cubs)

CH Chiang

HW Chen

CE Hung

CH Huang

5)Gao-Nong: Wang-Wei Lin (Twins), Wang-Yi Lin (Red Sox)

WY Lin

WW Lin

6)Hualien PE: Chun-Hsiu Chen (Indians)

CH Chen

7)Taitung PE: Chia-An Huang (Mariners)

CA Huang

8)Shi-Yuan: Tzu-Kai Chiu (Reds)

TK Chiu

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