Monday, December 03, 2007

Today's Hearsay....

The Seibu Lions are reportedly interested in Chin-Hui Tsao. This would give Tsao, who was clocked ~ 90 mph in his outing against the Philippines, some more options as he is currently an unsigned free agent.

OQ UPDATE: South Korea defeated the Philippines 13-1 on Monday.

Did you Know?
Potential CPBL draftee Cheng-Chi Huang was a former 2-way player in HS. At the 2000 junior World Baseball Championships, he logged 5.1 innings in 2 games as a LHP; however a 13.50 ERA must've convinced him otherwise that his bat would be his ticket to a brighter future. The summer after his HS graduation, Huang became the first Taiwanese player to ever participate in the Area Code Baseball Games. While Huang did merit enough attention to elicit a $30K offer from the Toronto Blue Jays, it was a $$$ figure that fell far below the $1.5 to 2 million that he, his family, and his agent (Jerry Sung) were seeking at the time.

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