Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back on Track....

The trio of Wang, Tsao, and Kuo were all in action today:
-CMW threw 3.2 shutout innings, picked up the W, and allowed only 2 hits as the Yankees beat the Jays 6-1.

-Pitching in relief, Tsao picked up a W for his team as he threw 1 shutout inning in the 7th as the Royals beat the D-Backs 8-7.

-Kuo threw a scoreless inning, K'ing 2. The Dodgers lost to the Marlins 7-6.

-The Rockies beat the Mariners 4-1. YC Chen was 0-1 with a walk.

Chien-Fu Yang will most likely get the start tomorrow as Taiwan will look to clinch a spot in Beijing with a win against Australia. Che-Hsuan Lin & Chih-Hsien Chiang are no strangers to Australian head coach Jon Deeble, the Red Sox Pac-Rim Scouting Director.*updated


Anonymous said...

wang, kuo, and tsao are looking good. our NT beat the Aussies today 5-0 and should clinch a spot in the olympics unless we somehow manage to lose to South Africa. We play Korea after that who is undefeated. I really hope we beat them. How are our chances?

TTT said...

Well, South Korea has a better offensive lineup on paper. Like the NT, they don't have many of their top pitchers available.

With nothing on the line, we'll see if the coaches of both teams go with players that haven't seen much action in the tourney. Then again, national pride is at stake here, so we could see a full-strength squad on both sides.

The NT seems to be thriving with the youth of the team playing a big role in the success of the team. With a raucous home crowd and some momentum on our side, anything can happen. Jiayo!