Sunday, March 09, 2008

Taiwan Vid. Highlights vs. Mexico....

Kai-Wen Cheng has been representing his country for quite some time now. A teammate of Che-Hsuan Lin since his younger formative years (2000 Bronco League WS, Nan-Ying HS, junior national team) and now the national team, Cheng although a star player in his own right, has been in CH Lin's shadow for quite some time now. On Saturday, Cheng had a chance to show off his repertoire to the scouts in attendance of Taiwan vs. Mexico's game. Here's a vid. highlight of KW Cheng from Saturday:

Here's another vid of some defensive gems from the same game (Yi-Chuan Lin at 3B, Kuo-Hui Lo in LF, and Che-Hsuan Lin in CF):

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