Saturday, March 01, 2008

TSU Takes Collegiate Title....

Tourney MVP: TSU's Wei-Chien Chen

TSU & NT C Kun-Sheng Lin

Taiwan Sports University (TSU) defeated an undermanned Chinese Culture University 5-0 in the championship game of the recently completed college league baseball tourney. CCU was missing the services of two of its top pitchers in Kai-Wen Cheng and Chia-Jen Lo, both of whom pitched for the NT on Friday against the Uni-Lions. TSU was led by tourney MVP Wei-Chien Chen. The LHP threw 6 shutout innings in the championship game and picked up the all-important W to help his school win only its second title in the event. TSU reliever Ying-Shan Wang helped Chen preserve the shutout victory. TSU's efforts were also bolstered by the presence of NT catcher Kun-Sheng Lin calling the shots from behind the plate.
Rounding out the top 4 (teams) were: 3)Chiayi University & 4)Fu Jen University.

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