Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Here's who Coach Hong is going with for the upcoming tourney:
(Compare with the Prelim. Roster)

1)Chien-Fu Yang (Bulls)
2)Chien-Ming Chiang (Giants)
3)Chih-Chia Chang
4)Kevin Huang (Bears)
5)Fu-Te Ni (Whales)
6)Yu-Chieh Shen (Whales)
7)Po-Yu Lin (White Sox)
8)Ko-Chien Lin
9)Kai-Wen Cheng
10)Chia-Jen Lo

1)Chih-Kang Kao (Lions)
2)Chun-Chang Yeh (Bulls)

1)Tai-Shan Chang (Bulls)
2)Chih-Sheng Lin (Bears)
3)Kuo-Ching Kao (Lions)
4)Sheng-Wei Wang (Elephants)
5)Yi-Chuan Lin (Bulls)
6)Chih-Hsien Chiang (Red Sox)
7)Yen-Wen Kuo (Reds)

1)Cheng-Min Peng (Elephants)
2)Chien-Ming Chang (Bulls)
3)Kuo-Hui Lo (Mariners)
4)Che-Hsuan Lin (Red Sox)
5)Chen-Yu Chung (Bears)

As you can see the roster is heavy-laden with CPBL talent. Most of the kids playing in the US have only rookie-level or low-A game experience. Based on who they're bringing to Taiwan, South Korea/Canada/& Mexico have to be the 3 early favorites in the OQ Tourney.


-Yung-Chi Chen blasted his first HR of the spring as his team lost 9-6 to the A's. He was 1-3 with a walk and a RBI.

-A (ss) Dodger squad lost to the Nats (ss) 4-3. Hu was 1-4 with a double.

-Bad News for Kuo - Not a good more here.


Anonymous said...

Three guys I would like instead of Yeh (C) Wang (IF) Chung (OF)

Lin (C) Because he will work better with the amateur pitchers.

Yang (IF) Better speed, and wasn't he the starter in WBC?

Chan (OF) More International experience than Chung, and swing from the left side off the bench.

TTT said...

Def. some interesting moves by Coach Hong, but he justified most of the selections reasonably well. I believe S. Yang was unavailable because of an injury, while Chan didn't look as sharp as Chung during all of these exhibition matches and practices dating back to Puerto Rico.
As for KS Lin, I think he was the victim of a #'s game. Coach had to take an extra middle infielder (SS - to be specific) because of CS Lin's thigh injury. Who did that affect the most? Probably KS Lin, cuz it took away his roster spot.

Anonymous said...

The reason Chung was picked is because he was drafted by the Bears, and Hong manage the Bears wants to use this chance to put him on the team so Chung can forgo his military duties.

As far as the catching situation, I just don't see how someone like Yeh who is hitting .220 in the CPBL every year keep getting on the NT.

TTT said...

Thanks for the insight on Chung/Hong. Makes sense.