Sunday, July 09, 2006

AAA News...

The groupings for the 22nd World Junior Baseball Championships have been set. Taiwan is in the more favorable of the two groups, with the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Spain in it's bracket.

Taiwan's schedule:
Sept. 18th vs. USA
Sept. 19th vs. Italy
Sept. 20th vs. Spain
Sept. 21st vs. Canada
Sept. 22nd vs. Mexico

The top 4 from each group will advance to the next round. Taiwan should be a shoo-in to advance to the next stage.

According to a friend of mine, this year's team will struggle. There is no dominant pitching for Taiwan, unlike in years past. Also, Taiwan will be without some of their better age-eligible players. Because of their professional contracts, Red Sox signees Chiang and Lin will not represent their country.

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