Saturday, July 22, 2006


Here is the lineup for the team playing in Holland right now. The same team will also represent Taiwan in the World University Championships - although 2 kids will get cut to reach the 22 man roster cutoff. This list varies slightly from the NT that played in the US a few weeks earlier.

1)Hung-Wen Chen 20
2)Chia-Wei Lin 19 (L)
3)Chien-Fu Chen 21 (L)
4)Ko-Chien Lin 20
5)Chia-Chun Tang 21 (L)
6)Ching-Ming Wang 20
7)Chia-Jen Lo 20
8)Sung-Wei Tseng 21
9)Chen-Chang Lee 19
10)Cheng-Yang Chen 21
11)Wei-Jen Cheng 20

1)Yi-Wei Lee 22
2)Kuan-Yi Yang 21
3)Hung-Yu Lin 20

1)Fu-Jen Shen 22
2)Chih-Hsiang Lin 19 (L)
3)Han Lin 21
4)Sheng-Wei Wang 22
5)Hsien-Hsien Yang 18

1)Chun-Yu Kuo 22
2)Chih-Yao Chan 23 (L)
3)Chen-Yu Chung 21
4)Chia-Hui Wu 22
5)Ken-Wei Lin 20

*(L) -Lefty

Good news on Yung-Chi Chen's shoulder injury; the injury was to his non-throwing shoulder (left) and has been diagnosed as a muscle strain only. He will be out 10 -14 days.

The Asian Regionals for the Bronco Division(11-12 year olds) of Pony Baseball is underway. Taiwan has two team representatives: Chinese Taipei and Taipei City. Both teams won their opening game: CT beat the Philippines 17-3, while Taipei City won vs. Hong Kong 24-0. The other team competing for the right to go to the US is Japan. The games will continue through Monday in a round-robin format with the winner declared by best record - or if in event of a tie - determined by runs scored-allowed differential.

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