Saturday, July 01, 2006

Taiwanese NT Preliminary Roster Announced.....

For the upcoming International Friendly Series in the US taking place next week. My buddy Cor in Holland has informed me that the same team will then travel to Holland later this month for a friendship tournament there.

The US NT will consist primarily of the top freshman and sophomore college baseball players in the country. I'm not too sure about the level of competition in Holland though.

The majority of this roster will probably represent Taiwan in the Third FISU World University Games taking place in Cuba from August 5th to the 16th. The roster will be pared down to 22 players at that time.

Hsien-Cheng Yang
Ko-Chien Lin
Chia-Chun Tang
Hong-Wen Chen
Chia-Wei Lin
Cheng-Chan Lee 10/21/86
Cheng-Yang Chen
Chien-Fu Chen
Wai-Jen Cheng
Ching-Ming Wang
Sung-Wei Tseng 12/28/84
*Chia-Rai Mei
*Wei-Ren Zhen

Yi-Wei Lee 8/18/83
Kuan-Yi Yang 2/17/85
Hong-Yu Lin
Jui-Mu Chen

Fu-Jen Shen
Chih-Hsiang Lin
Hsien-Hsien Yang
Sheng-Wei Wang 4/1/84
Yin-Chuan Lin 11/11/85
Chiang-Ho Chen 1/15/82
Chang-En Huang
*Han Lin

Ming-Yi Wu
Chia-Hui Wu
Chun-Yu Kuo 4/20/84
Chih-Yao Chan 1/2/83
Ying-Chieh Chung 1/31/85
*Ken-Wei Lin

*Roster updated 7/4/06 - Much obliged to Cor for the 411!


Cor said...

Ha, that's funny, I just got the line-up myself and was going to send it to you after translating the names. I will try to let you know the last 3 names.

Anonymous said...

Hey is Cor the guy who helped with the chinese taipei team last time they were in holland?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Heh, thanks Cor!

To Anony, I'll let Cor answer that for you.

Cor said...

Yes I am that guy, too bad the organisation of the Haarlem Baseball Week didnt let me be the offical helper for CT this time. But I took the days off, so now I will serve as a un-official helper.

And who are you ? ;)

Cor said...

You were actually missing 4 names according to the sheet that I got.
Don't know whether this is the right spelling, but here are the names:

Mei, Chia-Rai
Zhen, Wei-Ren

Lin, Han

Lin, Ken-Wei

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks buddy!